Parent Corner


The Roman’s “positive” is the way to live.  – October 12, 2014 Romans chapters 1, 2 and the first part of 3 teach that the wicked man, the moral man and the man that ignores the truth of the Bible will all face the same tragic fate.  These chapters make a clear point that all […]

Dodge Hunger Update


    This morning the Students of Vision spent several hours at the North Georgia Food Bank sorting cans, making food boxes, laughing, and most importantly glorifying our God! Early this year they took up almost 600 lbs in canned food items at our annual Dodge Hunger event! Today they took the cans of food […]

Bible Fixes Bad Theology


Our young people know that idols are bad.  What they need to know is that it is just as wrong to form a god in their mind that doesn’t exist as it is to form one with their hands.  Through an abundance of TV, movies, school, facebook, friends and all the other opinions flying around […]

Are you ready for school?


Students of Vision,  Rather you got on a bus this or just had to cross your living room, many of you are returning to school this week. I am super excited about all that we have planned that will provide us opportunities together this school year. As some of you will hear in graduation speeches […]

Bloom Outreach Report


Kanon Bloom helps lead the weekend outreach endeavors of our church. He is doing a super job at helping providing opportunities and resources for help us share the Gospel with the community. Here is his report from July. We had over 10 visitors come to VBS through contacts made at Saturday Outreach!  Pray that we could get […]