Friendships often determine direction.


Text: 2 Timothy 3:1 “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.” Right now, dangerous and risky things are coming to our young people disguised as friendships.  Friendships determine the majority of the direction in their life and the things that influence them the most.  True friends will love them, not just […]

Sunday in Review


Bulletin for the Week of July 13th: VISIONNEWS In the morning service we were blessed to have many first time visitors. Which was especially great this time of year with so many people traveling. We had 180 people in attendance for the morning service with 80% of those people attending an Adult Bible Fellowship or a […]

Sunday in Review

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Bulletin for the Week: VISIONNEWS: July 6th-2014 We had another wonderful Sunday! We were excited to see 191 people with us today being a holiday weekend, with several first time visitors. We were clearly taught from Matthew 9 how Jesus has the power to forgive sin! This is something we are very excited about! Not just […]

Sunday in Review


Bulletin for the Week: VISIONNEWS | June 22nd, 2014 As procrastinators have said for generations “better late than never!” I thought I would post this Sunday Review before the next Sunday came. Which, by the way, will be awesome! It is 19:14 Sunday. We will be praying for our VBS workers, eating lunch together, and in the […]

Sunday in Review


Bulletin for the Week: VISIONNEWS:06-15-14 We had an awesome Father’s Day together! We gave out a small gift to 35 dads that were with us in our services, english and spanish. Pastor continued our series in Matthew in the morning service as we were reminded that “No one is too far from God” from Matthew 8:1-17. […]

Testimony: Kami Richardson

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Kamerin and I are officially joining the family of Vision Baptist Church today.  Words really can’t describe how grateful we both are, but I feel that something needs to be said in attempt to make our gratitude known, so here goes… About a year and a half ago, I received a handout on the door […]

Camp in Review


I really appreciate Hannah Shreve taking hundreds of pictures at the Our Generation Camp. When she gets time to sort through them and make some edits she plans to make them available for all of us to see! Here are a few picture taken and posted this week. I think it helps tell the story […]

Sunday in Review


Bulletin for the week of May 18th, 2014: VISIONNEWS.May17 Another awesome weekend for the people of Vision Baptist Church! On Friday night we had two wonderful families be united through the marriage of Ben Mize and Kristen Pearson. Both are faithful servants in the church with terrific testimonies. They both are talented musicians. Ben has even […]