Sunday in Review


Bulletin for the Week: 12:14:14 Yesterday was our 3195 day as a church! It was as exciting, encouraging, and just simply wonderful! I am grateful to God that this, the church, was His plan for us. Our Sunday School and Adult Bible Fellowship time still continues to have a high percentage (83%) of our church involved. […]

Parent Corner: Appetites and Temptations


Appetites and Temptations (Romans 6:1-14).  – November 23, 2014 Appetites and temptations are both liars.  Our young people know that their new life in Christ is supposed to include something about old things being passed away and all things becoming new.  They have to wonder sometimes why the appetites of the flesh still seem to […]

Sunday in Review: Week of November 16th


Download this week’s bulletin:VISIONNEWS for Nov16 I cannot say it enough “I love our church!” Yesterday morning we were blessed to assemble once again and worship Jesus. Josh Ewing did a wonderful job leading us in our congregational worship. It has been exciting to see our middle school and high school Student Bible Fellowships grow […]

Parent Corner: Reconciliation


Reconciliation is more than just a truce between us and God (Romans 5:9-21).  – November 16, 2014 In Christ, we go from enemies to children of God (Romans 5:10).  Reconciliation is not just a truce, it’s the creation of a Father – son relationship.  Since we are no longer enemies, we are safe from the […]

Newest Member: Bethlehem Robi


We would like to welcome Bethlehem (Beth) Robi as our newest member! She has already been a great blessing to our church in many ways. She has volunteered in different events. Recently she represented her home country of Ethiopia during a time of fellowship following the first night of our missions conference. She is also […]

Newest Member: Daniel Bennett


  We would like to welcome Daniel Bennett as the newest member of Vision Baptist Church. He is a real joy to be around. He has already been helping Pastor Robert with the activities for the Single Focus ministry. He has one sister, Rebekah, who is also a member of Vision. He joined by letter […]