Our young people need godly adult relationships


          2 Timothy 3:10-17 Our young people need godly adult relationships                                            Our young people need to know our lives outside of the classroom and need to see us go through difficult times.  They need a genuine and durable relationship with adults that have become the things we teach in the class.  […]

Sunday in Review


  Bulletin for the Week: VISIONNEWS.July27 Another great Sunday! We had 138 during the Adult Bible Fellowship and Sunday School hour, 185 in the morning service, and 112 in the evening service. (You may wonder why I give these numbers. It is to help us look back on these days and have a better remembrance of what […]

Newest Members: The Page Family


Please join us in welcoming our newest family to Vision Baptist Church. Last Sunday we were grateful for the opportunity to vote in Kevin, Lisa, Lauren, Stephen, Lee, and Noah as members of the church. Before joining they had faithfully served in Jefferson, GA. Kevin had served as the pastor at Maranatha Baptist Church. Many […]

Friendships often determine direction.


Text: 2 Timothy 3:1 “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.” Right now, dangerous and risky things are coming to our young people disguised as friendships.  Friendships determine the majority of the direction in their life and the things that influence them the most.  True friends will love them, not just […]

Sunday in Review


Bulletin for the Week of July 13th: VISIONNEWS In the morning service we were blessed to have many first time visitors. Which was especially great this time of year with so many people traveling. We had 180 people in attendance for the morning service with 80% of those people attending an Adult Bible Fellowship or a […]

Sunday in Review

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Bulletin for the Week: VISIONNEWS: July 6th-2014 We had another wonderful Sunday! We were excited to see 191 people with us today being a holiday weekend, with several first time visitors. We were clearly taught from Matthew 9 how Jesus has the power to forgive sin! This is something we are very excited about! Not just […]