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5 Ways Phones Can Be Used to Help Your Christian Walk


Our Student Pastor, Trent Cornwell, has started a series of blog article for our teenagers. The articles are written for teenagers but have strong applications to all of us. We would encourage you check out the website for our Student Ministry. You can subscribe to get articles and read this blog in its entirety.


The phrase “What hath God wrought?” is first seen in history in the story told by Moses in Numbers 23. Here, at the close of their journey, we find the power of men and Satan combined to curse them. It was  the very thing they deserved, if dealt with according to their sins. But Balaam continues by affirming that no divination is effective against Israel. The point is not what Israel can do, but “what God has done!”

This short phrase from the Book of Numbers was the first words transmitted by the newly invented marvel of the electric.. (read more at