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Sunday in Review (Johnson Blessing Service)

This Sunday evening we were able to send off two of our members to the mission field. Ben and Crystal Johnson are headed to China to spread the gospel and plant churches in a culture that is familiar with neither. The church was able to hold a blessing service for this family, the church was able to show the Johnsons that we believe in them, and know that God will use them in China. The men of the church encouraged them, and the rest of the church was able to share their farewells with the family. The blessing service is an event filled with tears, we are heartbroken to see them go, but we know that they are needed in China. So with words of encouragement, with handshakes and hugs of blessing, with tears of sorrow, and with letters of love we send the Johnsons to China. We thank the Lord for the blessing they have been to our church and we are excited to see the blessing they will be in China. Thank you for reading we hope to see you next week.


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