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Sunday In Review!

We had another great Sunday at Vision Baptist Church this past Sunday. This Sunday was a unique Sunday, in that we had our first lunch/ afternoon service of the summer. We are planning to have a lunch/ afternoon service once a month this summer to give church people the opportunity to fellowship together.

Sunday morning we had 243 people in attendance. The Spanish church had another good week with 36 people. Pastor preached a great message out of the Book of Mark called Sacrifice with a Purpose. We looked into the story of Zebedee, the father of John and James. Zebedee gave up so much when his sons went to follow Jesus, and James and John gave up so much when they left to follow Jesus. It is a sacrifice to follow Jesus, but it is a sacrifice with a purpose and great benefit.

During the afternoon time we had some specials with a few special testimonies. We were blessed to hear about how God is working in the lives of people in our church. Nate Fransis preached a message on why we can praise God. He has been good to us and that is why we can praise Him!