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Two Baptized this Week!!!

María García – Lady that has been coming since Miguel was pastor. When she was younger she had been baptized and was following the routine of being a christian. The Soncco’s started doing foundations with her where she lives so that others in her neighborhood could come. As they were doing it she realized she had never really made the decision. So she did during foundations. This past Sunday she made her precision in Jesus public by being baptized!

Pablo Hernández – Pablo’s girlfriend started coming to english classes and then started coming to church. She would try and get him to come to church but he wouldn’t so she started getting him to come to english classes then try to get him stay for church. He didn’t want to be there at first but slowly his face changing for being mad there to enjoying the service. Jimmy started working with him, and took him in from the beginning and led him to the lord, foundations, and this Sunday he baptized him.

God has been majorly blessing our Spanish ministry. Pastor Jimmy and his family have been laboring extremely hard and God has been blessing. This past Sunday afternoon the Spanish church had eighty seven people! Please continue to pray for our Spanish ministry and for Pastor Jimmy as he continues to work.