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Parent Corner: Mature Christians

Here is the lesson taught to our High School – Student Bible Fellowship last Sunday morning. This is a great resource to continue the conversation with your teenagers about what they have learned.

Mature Christians Imitate Christ by Serving Others. 

March 28, 2015 Romans 15

This chapter continues the discussion from chapter 14 on strong versus weak Christians.  The strong are those that understand the liberty they have in Christ and how to use it to serve Him, while the weak are those who feel the Christian life is a set of rules and abstinences they follow as a way to please God.  The strong are to bear the infirmities of the weak (help them) and not to please themselves.  This is a lesson on service and against selfishness. We waste time with our selfishness trying to control situations instead of using our liberty to serve and help our brothers in Christ to mature.

God tells us in the chapter (Romans 15:4) to read our Bible and learn how He does things.  Learn how Jesus took our reproaches on Himself and how He received us flaws and all.  He also tells us that in the Scriptures we will find the God of patience as well as the consolation we need to deal with whatever the current life challenge is.  Sometimes that challenge is a who not a what.  Most of all, we will learn how to receive one another without being selfish and glorify God together.  He deserves to be glorified.   So if you want to know how to show yourself as a spiritually mature Christian, learn how Christ served others and then imitate that.