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Sunday in Review

Our series in Galatians continued with the 5th chapter which discussed our liberty in Christ. We learned, however that our liberty wasn’t bestowed upon us so that we could live however we like; but rather so that we can serve others. The attendance for the main service was up to 264 again. It is encouraging to see God work in our church.


The evening service saw 140 in attendance. We learned about David and some of the things that he was able to do before he fought Goliath. We learned that it takes preparation to be able to do big things. David fought a lion, a bear, and was the King’s armorbearer before he was able to slay Goliath. We learned that we can’t always be looking to be involved in the big ministries, we need to serve how we can and where we are and that will lead to bigger things. That you for reading, have a great week!