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Banner Ministry

And Moses built an altar, and called the name of it Jehovah-nissi: [The Lord is my Banner]

Exodus 17:15

Vision Baptist Church follows the Families 4 Families Banner model to support foster families in our congregation.

We offer quarterly date nights for our foster parents, and provide meals twice a month for families with temporary/permanent placements and meals to respite families as needed. Besides this, there are prayer partners, mentors and handy man services that are coordinated for foster families.

Banner Ministry Team Leader: Wendi Mentzer, Church Secretary (Email Wendi)

Banner Ministry Volunteer Roles


Individuals or families can provide a weekly, bi-weekly, or a monthly meal to a foster family. This can be done in several ways: home cooked and delivered, Uber Eats/Door Dash gift cards, or restaurant gift cards. We recommend a $40 gift card. This will all be coordinated through your church’s Director of Foster Care Ministry or Banner Team Leader.


Respite families can provide care to a single child with one family or multiple children in several families. Respite families must complete an entire home study and foster parent training. For next steps email Lauren Garland

Family Friend

Families who wish to volunteer for this position need to just simply get to know the foster families and foster children in their church. Foster children can stay at their house for 1-3 nights several times a year.
This is coordinated directly from the foster family to the family friend. Per state policy no money can be exchanged, and Families 4 Families is unable to locate or assist in this process. Your Banner Team Leader or Director of Foster Care Ministry may assist you if necessary.

Prayer Partners

Prayer partners can be individuals or a family that adopts a foster family through prayer. They can communicate through the Banner Team Leader or directly with the foster family. They will pray for the foster family, the bio kids, the foster children, and the birth family. We believe foster care is spiritual warfare and prayer partners are a vital part of that battle.


A mentor for an older child and a babysitter for our babies can play a vital part in establishing another healthy relationship for the child and provide a break for the foster family. Mentor/babysitter can take a child (ren) out for a few hours or spend the night in the foster home with the child. This requires the mentor/babysitter to be at least 18 years old and have a background check, CPR First Aid Training, and a driver’s license.

Handy Man

This is an individual or group of people that have a gift and a desire to use that gift to assist children and families. These may include but are not limited to plumbing, electrical, light carpentry, lawn maintenance, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, putting furniture together, etc. This is a great opportunity for the Youth Ministry as well.

Banner Team Leader

Our desire is to have 5-6 families serving and supporting each foster family. The Banner Team Leader is the primary contact for the Foster Family to their support services. As a foster family it can be overwhelming with multiple people calling and trying to coordinate services. The Banner Team Leader communicates directly with the foster family and then coordinates the services with the Banner Team for the foster family.