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More than the Doors are Open

Will your church be open this Sunday?

This question has become more and more common over the last couple of months. Each time I answer with “Most certainly and I hope you will be able to join us!” I have felt like my answer has been missing something. Meeting as a church is vitally important. The word “church” simply means assembly/gathering. We are not a broadcast we are a body. However, it takes more than gathering to be a church. Many groups meet together. Some even meet on a weekly basis.

If you join us for a service you will find that more than our doors are open. You will see open Bibles. It is not enough for us to just assemble we must assemble with a purpose.

We love the Word of God at Vision. Not because we think it makes us superior to anyone or any other church but because it is the way we can pursue a greater knowledge of God. This is the reason we provide so many opportunities to study the Bible.

  • Sunday Mornings we have LifeGroups (adults) and Sunday school (kids) teachers who lead small groups in lessons and discussions in God’s Word.
  • In the services our Pastor teachers verse-by-verse through the Bible. We are currently in the book of Luke on Sunday mornings and alternating between Psalms and Proverbs in the evening services.
  • On Monday nights there will be a group of young men studying the Bible around the fire after consuming their weight in pancakes of some other great homemade meal.
  • Tuesday nights the building is full with people learning the Bible in our Vision Bible Institute. Courses are available in English and Spanish.
  • We meet on Thursday night. Why? There is so much available for us to learn we do not want to miss a chance. This is a big night for our kids to learn the Bible through AWANA.
  • Throughout the week there is a wonderful group of young people studying the Bible in the Our Generation Training Center. These students will join the 50+ Bible teachers we have sent out around the world.
  • In addition to the Bible teaching that takes place on our campus you will find our church through out the community studying in our one-one-one discipleship program called Foundations.

We could go on and on and list more places and ways families in our church are raising their children in the Bible. We firmly believe it takes more than opening doors for us to assemble as a church. We must also have OPEN BIBLES!

We encourage you to join us. Bring your Bible. If you do not have one we will gladly provide one for you.