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Newest Members: The Page Family

postcard-4inx6in-h-front Please join us in welcoming our newest family to Vision Baptist Church. Last Sunday we were grateful for the opportunity to vote in Kevin, Lisa, Lauren, Stephen, Lee, and Noah as members of the church. Before joining they had faithfully served in Jefferson, GA. Kevin had served as the pastor at Maranatha Baptist Church.

Many of us from the church first came into contact with the Page family through Lauren. She attended some of the events hosted by Vision Baptist Missions (the missions department and board of our church). God used her testimony and many other circumstances to bring missions front and center in the life of this family.

As members they are wasting no time getting involved. They were down in Cobb County helping with Vision Impact Weekend and assisting with outreach with Beau Carpenter. God has placed a burden for the villages of India upon their heart. They will be serving as missionaries to the villages of India with Voice in the Villages.