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Our young people need godly adult relationships







[clear-line] 2 Timothy 3:10-17 Our young people need godly adult relationships                                           

Our young people need to know our lives outside of the classroom and need to see us go through difficult times.  They need a genuine and durable relationship with adults that have become the things we teach in the class.  Living by faith is not a guarantee against harassment or injury, in fact it’s an invitation for it (II Timothy 3:12).  The thing our young people need to help them live out their faith is to see the victory and joy in our lives that come after our endurance and Jesus’ deliverance (II Timothy 3:11). II Timothy 3:10-17 lays out two paths that each have a defined outcome.  The path that the Word of God calls profitable is the Scripture which perfects the man of God (Christian) and readies him to do the good works he was designed to do.  The path taken by those that pursue evil and deceive people for gain is a death spiral that ends in disaster.  One would think that simply knowing both outcomes would be a sure fire way for our young people to choose wisely. It’s just not that simple.  Perilous times look fun when they come packaged as those who want to be our teenager’s friends and it’s the excitement of the moment that catches them up, not the thought of the outcome.  Our young people stand at the fork needing more than a point in the right direction, they need someone way down the right path calling back to them to come.