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Night of the S’mores / Recap

What an awesome night! We had about 65 people out for our first “Night of the S’mores”! There was much laughter, conversations with friends, kids playing, and a bunch of s’mores devoured. It was a great night enjoying the property that God has allowed us to purchase.

It was a safe, enjoyable night thanks to the hard work of several volunteers this morning. This morning a crew of men spent time clearing debris, raking leaves, and cutting trees. It resulted in a beautiful path that is nearly a 1/4 of a mile long and goes through the middle of our property.

I am grateful for a church family that can have a fun time just hanging out around a camp fire with one another. On this property, if the Lord does not return, there will be many more evenings shared. There will be many more projects worked on together. There will be many more nights when friends bring people to meet their friends and church. I even imagine there will be a few more s’mores eaten. All this and Heaven too! What an awesome God we serve!


2 responses to “Night of the S’mores / Recap”

  1. austin Avatar

    excellent article, great time together

  2. Betty Gardner Avatar
    Betty Gardner

    Wish I could have been there, but so thankful for all of Vision!!!! What sweet wonderful people 🙂

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