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Chris Gardner January 2011 Prayer Letter

Dear Pastors and Praying Friends,

This month, I am going to try and have a very short prayer letter so that I can put a couple of pictures of Joshua in here.

This month:

The Bible College had a graduating class of 12.  (We lost a couple of big supporters that had been giving temporary support, so if you would like to support the College it would be a great help.)

Andria had a birthday on the 13th of December, and Jacob turned 8 on the 5th of January.

The kids had a great Christmas.  WE HAD SNOW!!  They love being in the States because they get a lot of gifts. Speaking of gifts, if you would like to help pastors in Peru get a copy of the 2010 Operation World (which is a great resource), you can do it by sending a donation and marking it for Operation World. We have a special deal for $4 a piece.

We are doing a video update every week. People are loving it.  Look at our blog to see it  There are plenty of details about everything else there as well.  We had a man give us money to buy the camera we are using.  It is the nicest camera I have ever had the privilege of using.  I love it.  God is good to us.

We are going to be the main speaker at 4 different missions conferences and at one revival this year so far.  If you would like to have us in, please call us at 678-572-6598 or email us [email protected]. We are trying to contact all of our supporters while we are back.

Joshua was born on the 14th of December.  He was born with no Down Syndrome and is pretty healthy except for the cleft lip and palate.  We have an appointment on the 14th of January to see the facial cranial team, and they ought to be able to give us a pretty exact timeline of what we will need to do.  Right now, they are saying that we will be here ’till he turns 18 months old.  In the pictures, you can see his lip and then in the one with him crying, you can actually see inside his head because there is no palate. 

Thanks for staying up to date with us.  Sign up for our blog and find out everything that’s going on with us that way.

Yours for Souls,

Chris, Andria, Jacob, Hannah, Andrew and Joshua Gardner