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Travis Snode January 2011 Prayer Letter

Dear Pastors and Praying Friends,

Below is an update on our recent evangelistic efforts and some unexpected expenses that we would like to ask you to to pray about. The Lord is moving and working in our church and in our city. We have had some visitors to the church since the beginning of the year, and our attendances and offerings have been good as well.

Thank you so much for your faithful prayers and support. What a privilege it is for us to serve the Lord here in Northern Ireland!

Yours to evangelize the world in our generation,

Travis, Teri, Grant, Darci, & Cali Snode


We are working hard at doing more than we ever have to get the gospel out in our city. We are trying to knock at least 1000 doors per week. Today, we knocked over 200 on the cityside. We had a fairly good response.

We are very excited about the Great Commission Saturdays at the church at 10.30 AM. These Saturday morning meetings are designed to get many people involved in helping to carry out the Great Commission right here in our city.

We are organising many projects and outreaches outside the church and many things that people can do right from the church. This will enable everyone to do something. Several people have already expressed interested in helping us, so please pray for many in our church to participate and get a vision for this.

We are wanting to print about 10,000 new brochures to give out over the next 10 weeks, but the cost is going to be £350/$550 to print them. You can view the Hope Brochure here. This is the brochure that we are wanting to use and planning to print. Right now we are printing, cutting, and folding them on our printer, but for the amount that we are going to use, it would be good to get them printed commercially. Will you please pray about this. Thank you so much.

Unexpected Expenses

I would like to ask you to pray for some unexpected expenses that have come up, some through our own mistakes or oversights and others that could not have been avoided.

1. Tax for Printer ($500/£315). We are making the final payment for our new printer this month. Unfortunately, when we figured the price of the printer, we forgot to include VAT (Value Added Tax) of %17.5 here in the UK. The Lord provided all the money for the printer itself, but we still need the final $500 to pay for the VAT.

2. Heating Oil Costs ($940/£600). We normally spend about $470/£300 per month on heating oil for our home, the church, and Sam’s apartment. Last month due to the unusually cold weather, our heating costs were triple their normal cost. We had to spend an extra $940/£600 on heating costs last month, because of weather that was the coldest ever recorded in Northern Ireland.

3. Car Accident ($550/£350). Last month while driving, I accidentally backed into another car. The damage came out to £350, so we had to pay for the accident this month.
Due to these unexpected expenses, we are short about $2000 this month. Would you please pray for God to provide? If you would like to help out with these needs, you can send your check to Macedonia World Baptist Missions (PO Box 519, Braselton, GA 30517) and mark your gift “Travis Snode”. Thank you so much for your faithful prayers and support. May God richly bless you for all you do.

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