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Help with Dodge Hunger

I am so grateful for such a wonderful church that always get behind their teenagers! Many of you have asked how you could help out with Dodge Hunger. Thank you so much for offering to help us as we prepare for our 2nd Annual Dodge Hunger event this Friday.

If you have not heard about Dodge Hunger you can learn more about it at It is a trio of a food drive, lock-in, and dodgeball tournament that will be used to invite people into a relationship with Jesus Christ and help some people in Atlanta “dodge hunger”.

Here are some practical ways that you can help:

  1. INVITE every teenager you know to participate. You never know what might come you from crossing your street to invite the teens that live next door to you.
  2. PRAY! This should go without saying, however, it is so vitally important that I do not want it to be forgotten. We need God to draw people to Him.
  3. BRING CANS OF FOOD and drop them off at the church. They will go towards our food drive total.
  4. BRING GIVE AWAY ITEMS on Friday night from 10 – 12 am we will be having a 2 hour program at the church. During the second hour we will be preaching the Gospel. In the first hour we will be playing different games to help create excitement for the night. We could use the following: 2 Liters, Bags of Chips, Boxes of Little Debbie Snack cakes,Bags of Candy, etc
  5. SPONSOR a teenager. All students will be required to bring 10 cans of food and $25 to participate in this campaign. Any monies donated to Dodge Hunger marked sponsor will help off set the price of some of the teenagers who need a little assistance coming.

If you have any questions please call me, Trent Cornwell, at 770.853.8148 or email me at [email protected]