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My beloved, God has given us the privilege of serving this city, we have a burden for the lost people, faithfully serve our God, with many difficulties, but we are here only for him because he deserves it, not by anyone aria Moreover, is it just for him, to whom be glory and honor.

I ask your prayers for the following reasons.

From 1927 to 1930, we have scheduled a few days great for families, taking advantage of Mother’s Day which is celebrated at this time in Bolivia. Damazio Pastor of Canaan Baptist Church of Rio Branco, will be preaching these days. We look forward with great expectation these days, praying and leaving the results to Him

On the other hand, we are in a campaign for the temple, the work grows, God is blessing his work. Both young people and children are having classes in precarious conditions, urges us to expand our church, little support among many will be plentiful. I would ask that you help me with this project. Remember the promise of the Lord. Lc. 6:38 Give and you shall receive.

On the other hand we are having a hard time with my family, because our financial support can not cover the operation of my wife’s ear. The issue is this: The right ear of my wife was infected because she got water in her ear. For so your eardrum punctured foot, and left the field, all the time is coming area, she has been taking strong antibiotics, indicated by the audiologist, not healthy, the doctor says you have to be punctured eardrum and remove all material, after his emergency operation. Otherwise, she will stay deaf in that ear.

In Cobija there are specialists, but do not have a microscope to operate eardrums. Only exist in peace, O Rio Branco in Brazil in Arequipa, Peru. These places would be closer to the operation. The cost of the operation will be cheaper than $800, this will be in Arequipa Peru, in other places is much more expensive operation. My dear help me to save my wife’s ear, right now I do not have this amount of money available.

So as we have opportunity, do good to all men, especially those in the household of faith. Gal.6: 10

My beloved, God bless their lives and ministry

A big hug
Lorenzo Laura T.
Missionary, Cobija Pando Bolivia.