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Missionary Prayer Letter from Lorenzo Laura in Bolivia


My dear brother, God bless you.
I’m happy and glad to serve our God in this beautiful city.

On April 2, participated in a seminar on the administration and praise in the church in Thessalonica Baptist Church of Rio Braco, Wandenverk Pastor, where I had the privilege to present on the praise. Also the Lord gave me the opportunity to preach the word in the Fundamental Baptist Church of Rio Braco, the Pastor Rudy Messias.

On 24 and 25 had the opportunity to be in the missionary conference of Fundamental Baptist Church, Pastor Rudy Messias, in Rio Branco, was the guest preacher, Pastor Miguel Martins of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre. The church was challenged to missions was a blessing for me this conference. Also, the Lord allowed me to preach his word in the Macedonia Baptist Church, the pastor Stephen Doolittle, this is one of the church, who support us as their missionary.

April was a month of many battles in our church. Satan causing discouragement and apathy lives of these brothers. Mirza, Carolina, Jimmy, Emma, and Armando Dmaris Mikhail, Daniela. Help me to pray for these brothers, that revival may come to their lives.

The Bible Institute is final. I work hard to train my workers, also no shortage of difficulties, especially in students’ lives.
I think the basis of the Christian life of discipleship, where our people indoctrinated, week after week, the brothers receive discipleship at home and in church.

On the 16th of this month we will one day camp with the whole church, in which five young people who are baptized: Ever Mikhail, Santos, David, Daniel.
The church is growing little by little, we have five families decimated, many brothers have jobs very possible, do not forget that Bolivia is one of the poorest countries.

Yet we struggle to be a missionary church, a church that has burdened for the lost. We are praying takes two missionaries, which we have been sending her letters.

My beloved we are in a “campaign for temple”, to expand our church. Our children and young people are spending Sunday school classes in poor conditions, our goal is to expand our temple, so far we are collecting $ 300. We are looking for helping hands, church, brothers in order to achieve this goal, please pray for that my beloved.

For the Bible school, training of workers.
Enlargement of the temple, Urgent
We support missionary pastor.

God bless you, my beloved.

Your server

Lorenzo Laura T.

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