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Great Service and Newest Member!


Last night we took time to remember the sacrificial death of Christ by observing the Lord’s Supper. We were walked through the New Testament and was reminded of the perfect birth, life, and death of Jesus. Last night was extra special to us all because we had Ben Thomas lead us in the Lord’s Supper. Ben is a student in the Our Generation Training Center. He is preparing for future ministry on the foreign field. He is a Students of Vision Alumni. Which is my “fancy” way of saying he came up through our youth ministry. I included a picture of me with Ben because I am very proud to be associated with this young man. Pastor Robert through his ministry with the OGTC did a great job at helping prepare Ben to lead this service.

We are also excited to announce that Ms. Martha Whited join our church. She came to Christ at the age of 17 at Lucky Street Baptist Church in downtown Atlanta. We have prayed that God would send more grandmothers to our church. We are very grateful to have this sweet lady join our church.