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Our young people need encouragement to live out the charge they have been given.

Our young people need encouragement to live out the charge they have been given.

Lesson to be taught to HS Teens on 08/04/14

II Timothy 4:1-5

Salvation is the free gift of God to whosoever will accept it by faith.  There is a charge that goes with being a Christian though, and the imminent return of Christ means that postponing our responsibility is not wise.  Our teens should assume the responsibility that comes with their faith and be encouraged to learn their Bible and to proclaim it.  Not only is it a plain command from God but it is their defense against false doctrines, poor decisions and destructive behaviors.  Preaching the Word (II Timothy 4:2) is not a reference to the office of the preacher, but to the evangelistic work that every Christian is responsible to do.  The path to being able to do that is paved with daily biblical endurance (change) through which our teens will become ready in season and out.

The charge comes with some foundational ideals.  First and foremost, God our creator and Jesus our Savior are watching.  We are charged in their presence as our maker and our Lord to use the Bible to proclaim the glory of God and the rescue of the lost.  Secondly, Jesus is returning and will judge those that are living and those that have already passed away.  This is urgent work.  Finally, the kingdom is the Lord’s and the story is all about Him and not about us.   Our teens can develop both their offensive game (reaching their friends with the gospel) and their defensive game (protecting their mind from false teaching, bad friends and destructive habits) simply by letting their Bible change them.  They need encouragement from parents and their adult friends.