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Ministry Focus: The Ruling Kingdom

Living in a world full of sin and hardship, it is easy to get discouraged.  It feels like Satan and sin are in control. But we can never forget that we are children of God, who is the master of the universe.  He is in control and is the king of a mighty kingdom, a ruling kingdom!  On January the 12th, we will be starting this new series in our student ministry.  Every Thursday night at 7:00 pm, the students will meet up in the Spanish church for a time of fun, challenging Biblical teaching.

Our series “The Ruling Kingdom” will give practical teaching on how we live as believers that have been taken from a kingdom of darkness into a kingdom of light! We are now on the winning side! We desire to live lives where it is obvious that we know that King Jesus rules and reigns over all!  This series will be a massive help to all the students of vision as they face the challenges and temptations of the world. During our 10 week campaign we will have a one night retreat. On the evening of January 27th we will leave for a 24 hour retreat to go further in our study. You will not want to miss out!