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Operation World Evangelism: Fulton County Church Plant (Part 2) – Why here???

Have you been wondering why we need to plant a church in Fulton County? Why are we putting all this time and money into a church in our own area?  Pastor Cornwell explains the importance of starting a church right here in Fulton County:



ORIGIN – late Middle English (in the sense ‘supply abundantly’) verb [ with obj. ]

  • Fill (something) up again: he replenished Justin’s glass with mineral water.
  • Restore (a stock or supply of something) to the former level or condition: all creatures need sleep to replenish their energies.

There was a time in modern history where we had an adequate number of Gospel preaching churches for the population of Atlanta. In generations past men have led churches to lead and plant churches throughout this region. Time has passed, the population has grown at an incredible rate, and the church has been at a very steady decline. We can not alter the condition of the world when we received the mission. We can, however, go from a blank canvas to a beautiful picture of the Gospel being within reach of everyone in this world including the community in which we live.

It is time to replenish!

We have not lost sight of the world. We have expanded our view of the world to go around the world and back again down the street.

Would you pray for us as we seek to start churches in Fulton County, Georgia!


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