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August Prayer Letter from Mark Coffey

We have had a great time on the deputation road these last two months. We’ve been all over Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, and even up to New York City. Several churches have made verbal commitments of taking us on for support, and several have already sent in new support. I will let you know this month’s figures for our actually support level in a couple of days on my blog.

Our calendar is almost filled up for this year and for the first quarter of next year. I know these economic times have been tough, but the Lord is still providing. We are blown away when we see God’s people sacrifice even more for the cause of world evangelism during these times.

The adoption of our two oldest boys, Tyler and Chase, is going kind of slow. Please pray we can get everything settled soon. It’s definitely an aggravating process, but everything does seem to be on track. This has put a little strain on our traveling situation. Since we don’t have legal custody of the boys, they are still required to be in public school. We are trying to work our schedule out so as not to be away from Tyler and Chase too much when Amy and the younger kids travel with me. For the most part on my longer trips, I will have to travel by myself, but maybe I can bribe one of the younger kids to go with me:)

This past month, two churches have already signed up for mission trips to South Africa. A major goal I have always had was helping others get to the mission field. I am excited to see people’s interest in our new field. Please pray we can see even more lives changed through getting people to the field. The laborers are definitely few, and the harvest is definitely not getting smaller. If you would be interested in taking one of these mission trips, just let me know.

I want to thank everyone for their prayers and financial support. We are having a great time serving the Lord. We look forward to partnering with you for a long time to come.

Here to serve,

Mark, Amy, Tyler, Chase, Emilee, Luke, and Addison