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Ministry Update from the Snodes in Ireland

As usual, we are staying very busy here. The last several weeks have been consumed with our Summer Celebration 4 Kids, summer interns, and finishing some classes for my masters course.

Our Summer Celebration 4 Kids was held on 5-7 July. We had a high of 32, and God really blessed with some new children coming. This year was much different from the previous years. We reformed the club to make it something that our church will be capable of doing for many years to come. By spending less money, taking the club to different venues in the city instead of busing them all to our church, and by involving more of our people, we hope that this will something that our church can continue to do with a lot of outside support and workers.

We have two young people from America interning with us this summer. Carie Cuneio is from Forrest Hills Baptist Church and a student at Champion Baptist College. Jason Rishel is a graduate of Crown College. Both of these young people have been a huge help, and we are trying to do all we can to involve them in the ministry and teach them about the ministry.

I am currently working on my Master Degree, and I have only about three classes left. Last week, I had a big research paper due, so I spent about 20 hours working on that along with all my regular work. It certainly is keeping me busy, but I am enjoying it and learning alot. I hope to be finished by October 2011.

Also, this past Sunday was our last Sunday in the big room that we rent on Sunday mornings. Our attendances have been increasing, but we can still use just our offices for now. This will save us about $500 per month. Hopefully the church will grow, and we will need to get a larger building, but until that time, we are excited about saving the money and getting the church closer and closer to being self-supporting.


God blessed with a good Summer Celebration 4 Kids.
Growth of the church over the last several months.
Good peace bridge outreach several weeks ago with our church passing out 4000 leaflets in about 1 hour.
Good live radio broadcast with opportunities to meet people and witness.


Pray for our summer camps that are coming up on 25-29 July (Teen Camp) and 13-20 August (Primary Camp). Pray for God to save souls and change lives.