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Edmonsons March 2011 Prayer Letter

Bradley and Kelleigh Edmonson are our strategic partners in Medical Missions Outreach. The Edmonsons organize and lead various medical missions trips overseas throughout the year. They seek to first bring honor and glory to Jesus Christ by bringing others to Him, and second, to be of assistance to the missionary they partner with during the medical missions trip. Read their prayer letter, learn about their ministry, and check out their website for upcoming trips!

So many people around the world struggle with their vision.  It is estimated that 7 out of 10 Americans wear glasses.  In the UK over 55 million people require corrective lenses.  While there are those that can get help to see clearer, it is estimated that there are over 40 million blind people in the world.  The vast majority of people have no option or treatment to correct these issues.  They are without hope to correct their vision.

The Bible teaches us, in Proverbs 29:18a, Where there is no vision, the people perish.  The people perishing are not the ones lacking vision.  Although it could be said that they have not seen their need for a Savior, it is more relevant to say that those who have “seen the light” have not caught a vision for the plight of a lost and dying world.

Medical Missions Outreach has asked God to keep this need before our eyes.  Each country we travel to, a challenge is issued to our team to look beyond the health care issues, beyond the poverty, beyond the cultural differences, and see a soul that will face eternity.  The challenge is to pray that God will allow us to make a difference in that life, to help them see that our Great Savior is the One that can make all the difference in their life and eternity.  Our ministry has adopted the verses found in Luke 10:33-34.  As this Samaritan man traveled down the road, the first thing that jumps out of the story is that he saw a man in need.  The best part, he did something about it. That’s what we want to do!

Thank you for your prayers and support of our ministry.  We need you.  My prayer is that you will catch our vision too, and join us on the field.  We are not looking for one specific group of people with a specific skill set..we are looking for people who just want to make a difference in the world for Christ’s sake.

If we can ever be of service to you, please let us know!  God bless!

Serving Alongside,

J. Bradley Edmondson

New Addition to the Team

Most of you know, our family serves together as we lead the MMO teams to foreign fields.  My wife has been forced to miss the last few trips due to the fact that she was expecting our fourth child.

We are pleased to announce that Ruby Ryan Edmondson made her first appearance on February 18, weighing in at 9 pounds 1 ounce.  Kelleigh and Ruby are both doing great.

Thank you so much for the many cards, emails, and calls.  We are so blessed to have Ruby in our lives.  Her siblings are already in love with her!

Honduras Bound

We are so excited about our upcoming trip to El Progreso, Yoro, Honduras.  This will be our third time working with Team Honduras, and we know they have been working hard to make it profitable for the ministry.

This trip will include people from 13 different states.  With our team of volunteers, we will be hosting both a medical and surgical clinic from March 18-26.  Please be in prayer for our team.  You can help pray for safety; the arrival of all medications, supplies, and luggage; strength and wisdom; and most importantly, that many people will come to know the love of God.

Make sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or our website so you can keep up to date with the clinic each day!

Upcoming Events

This year is sure to be a busy one, but things only get busier from here!  We are accepting applications to be a part of our Peru team now!  We will be serving in Arequipa, Peru from June 17-25.  We are excited about this opportunity, and still have several spots available.  Find out the costs and other information on our website.

There is also an opportunity for you to serve with us in Quito, Ecuador.  Missionary Ben McGuffy and his family have just planted a new church in one of the southern sectors of Quito, and we plan to go down and help bring attention to ministry, and share the Gospel with many in this area.  We will be down there August 12-20.  Again, more information can be found on our website about this trip.

Haiti has had a devastating year, but all of it has been a part of God’s plan.  We may not understand it now, but He surely has all things in His control with a purpose behind every action.  We will be going down to assist veteran Missionary Donald Dryden.  He has served in Haiti since 1975, and has been able to see many churches planted and lives changed.  Our plan is to go down to assist his ministry November 4-12.  More details about this trip will be available on our website very soon.

Have you bought a 2012 calendar yet?  If not, when you do, there are going to be plenty of dates to write down to serve around the world.  We are scheduling trips already, with most of the year already full.  New countries that we will plan to serve in include: Cape Verde, Cape d’Ivoire, Nicaragua, Brazil, India, Burkina Faso, and many more.

All of these trips mean that we need more volunteers!  Would you consider committing one week of your next year to serving overseas?  Pray about it now.  Make plans to go, and then don’t let anything stop you!  I promise you won’t regret it!  Our trips are life changing!