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Chris Gardner’s November 2010 Prayer Letter

Dear Pastors and Praying Friends,

We are back in the States, settling into the apartment, in the basement of my dad’s house, that we are renting from them.  We have been in the States for a little over a month, and God has already been opening doors for us to preach.  We have only had one normal church day where we didn’t have somewhere to preach.  We have already been booked for preaching in 5 different missions conferences around the country and we have quite a few meetings as well.  This is an emergency furlough so we are trying to contact all of our supporting churches to be able to come by and share what God is doing in Peru.  If we have not contacted you yet, please feel free to contact us first. This actually saves tons of time.  You can call us at 678-572-6598 or you can email us at [email protected].

We have decided to not take any meetings that are farther than about 2 hours from our house until the baby is born.  The due date is Dec. 12th so that gives us right at 4 weeks where we should be able to sleep in our beds and wait for the baby.  The main reason for this is that with the baby being born with cleft lip and palette, we really need to be close to where we can allow Joshua to be born in the hospital with the surgeons that are ready to take care of him, etc.  A few days ago, we went to the doctor.  They measure everything by percentiles, and the baby looked great all around.  He was within the 60 to 85 percentile in everything, until they measured the femur.  The femur was in the 5 to 6 percentile.  This is a strong indicator, according to them, that Joshua will be born with Down Syndrome.  Please pray for us as we praise God through all of the difficulties.  We serve a great God and are thankful for all that God has and is doing in and through us.  Please continue to pray for these needs in our family.

We found out this month that down the road from Omega Baptist Church (in Arequipa, Peru) there were a group of people that had a day where they intimidated and tried to scare some students at a Catholic high school.  They did this by taking different peoples Bibles away.  Many of them were from BEAMS, which is a ministry that helps us by providing Bibles for national believers.  They took the Bibles away and decided to burn them to try and get them to not have a Bible.  It is amazing how scared they are of the Word of God and can I say that they should be.  I am so thankful that we are having an impact and showing up on the radar of a group that doesn’t want us to give the Bible out.

We are so thankful for Jeremy and Becca Hall.  They have taken over so much since I have left, and they are doing an amazing job at it.  Watching how God guides them and allows them to lead has been a great testimony of God’s grace and guidance.  We are so thankful to be able to call them our co-laborers and friends.  They have truly been greatly used by a great God.  To be able to come to the States and be primarily concerned with Joshua’s birth and surgeries etc. has been so refreshing.  This would not be possible without this amazing family.

We are so blessed to have great supporters, and we encourage you to continue praying for us.  We are looking forward to the stories that will be told about how God led and guided us through these times of uncertainties.  Check out our blog to stay up to date with us.

Yours for Souls,

Chris, Andria, Jacob, Hannah, Andrew, and Joshua (coming soon 🙂