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The Masters family: making an impact

In just under 24 hours, Tyler Masters will lead his wife and children across the Atlantic Ocean, where they will start a new life. And it’s a bit hard to see them go, but we know that they’re leaving for the highest cause in all of eternity.

And knowing that they leave to change eternity, starting in Ceuta, Spain, it’s a bit easier to see them go. Of course, we’ll miss them in the States, because they’ve impacted all of our lives. Below are just a few testimonies of how Tyler and Gretchen Masters have been servants  to those around them

“Tyler was instrumental in me joining the Training Center. Spending time in Morocco with Tyler really helped me figure out what God wanted to do in my life.” –Micah Rastelli

“Tyler’s helped me be a bolder witness at school and less ashamed of the gospel. He’s really helped me become a better witness for Christ. ” -Edgar Gonzales

“When I first moved to the Training Center, I really didn’t know too many people. Tyler invited me over to his house that Thanksgiving, and that meant a lot to me.  He’s taught me some great things from the Bible that have really grown me and helped me walk closer to God” –Kyle Shreve

“Gretchen has been a great example of a Christian wife, mother, and woman in general. She really gives all the ladies at the church an example of how to love God.” –Kathryn Pearson

“I’ve only known Gretchen for a little, but in that short time, she’s helped me walk closer to God, and love Him more. She’s a very spiritual person, and a good example to follow.” –Cynthia Gonzales

And so, as we prepare to say goodbye to a very godly family, we know that we will, physically, lose them from our church. However, we rejoice in this. For we know that there will be a new, godly family living in Ceuta, preaching the gospel. In a land entrenched in darkness, there will be a new light shining, looking to change lives there, just as they have here.