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Meet the missionaries- Keith Shumaker.

Keith Shumaker loves Jesus.  And in spite of constant change, trials, and uncertainties in life, he keeps on loving Him. Keith and Rebecca Shumaker have served in 4 different countries in Africa, and are currently on furlough from Burkina Faso.

Burkina Faso, located in West Africa, is one of the hottest, poorest, most illiterate countries  in the world.  The capital city of Ouagadougou has an average temperature of 106 degrees.  And the average GDP is less than $570, which is less than a week’s wages in most parts of America.

Yet Keith leads his family, day after day, year after year, through the heat, the poverty, and the persecution from the followers of Islam. In no logical scenario does this make sense. There’s no logical reason that his 4 kids should all be born in 4 different countries, but they are.

But Keith isn’t worried about serving logic, or logical things. Keith’s heart beats to serve God, no matter what logic says. Or what comfort says. And yes, he’ll improve the quality of life in Burkina Faso through his charity and giving, but that’s not his main focus. Keith isn’t working in Africa to fill bellies, and build houses, though he will do that.

He goes there to train leaders, and to preach the gospel. And he’s doing just that. Keith has a band of men whose hearts God has touched, and he is currently training them for the ministry. One of those men was Keith’s guard, and an ex-Muslim, who Keith led to the Lord after years of witnessing.

Keith is one of the most godly men you will ever meet, and you are not going to want to miss him at this year’s missions conference.  Keith will be one off eleven missionaries at this year’s missions conference.