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Medan, Indonesia – a Christian talent pool

article written by a Singaporean pastor on

On my recent visit to Medan, Indonesia, I was invited to join the Christian fellowship of a polytechnic (technical school). As I entered into the large auditorium on the campus, I was greeted by the committee of the fellowship. I was impressed by the way this committee organized the event. They were outstandingly happy, zealous, and efficient.

Though this gathering was a belated celebration of Easter, I was told that the same number of students gathered twice every month in that same hall. About 500 people filled that hall. When the service began, I was pleasantly surprised to see the reverential Spirit-led manner in which they worshipped. I’ve spent much of my ministry involved with campus ministries, and I’ve seen large crowds of students gathered for worship. However, there was something special about the way that these dear students worshipped!

The preacher, who was the “Advisor” of the fellowship, preached a good sermon – that was both theological and practical. He challenged the students to reach out. He himself had been the person who was instrumental in starting this fellowship about 15 years earlier, when he was a student in this polytechnic.

I had several other occasions to preach to and fellowship with these young Christians. I was greatly encouraged to see such a pool of Christian talent in Indonesia. And many people still think that there are few Christians in Indonesia!

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