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Greatest Show on Earth


Is there anything greater than seeing God’s people come together in serving to fulfill the God’s mission?! We are having a blast getting ready to move into our new building. Micah Rastelli started the work almost 48 hours ago. It is amazing how much has been accomplished in such a sort amount of time.

However, do not feel left out. There is plenty left to do! There is something from everyone to be a part. From the skilled electricians to the unskilled box carriers (like myself) we could use your help.

There are crews working early in the morning until late at night so whatever time you are available there is a good chance someone will be here. If you would like to know when and how you could help you can call Micah Rastelli, who is running point on the project. His number is 770.286.8972

On a side note, if you have lost something here we probably have found it. We have a large stack of Bibles and misc. effects that may belong to you. Please, let us know if you are looking for anything you may have left here.


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