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anomaly youth service


anomaly |əˈnäməlē|
noun ( pl. -lies)
Something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected.

Every Sunday night we have a wonderful time studying the Word of God. This Sunday night we will being doins something different, something out of the normal, and may be something that many people would not expect. You might even call it an anomaly!

Our student ministry will be leading our entire service this Sunday night. From the music, to testimonies, to announcements, and even to bringing a sermon from the Word of God. The Students of Vision us made of many anomalies. They live contrary to what most people expect out of teenagers!

We hope you will join us this Sunday afternoon, November the 19th, for our quarterly youth service. We will be highlighting some of the ways we as Christians should live as an anomaly to this world.