Sundays at 10:30 AM
355 Windy Hill Dr Alpharetta, GA 30004

Flamingos are migrating to the northside of Atlanta!

On Saturday night the flamingos migrated north here to Alpharetta. They were headed to the house of John Pearson, C.F.O. of Vision Baptist Church. However, since he had purchased “flamingo insurance” they birds decided, with the request of the Pearson family, to land in Mark Coffey’s, our administrative pastors, yard.

We greatly appreciate the flamingos as they strive to help us raise money for our upcoming trip to Peru, South America. This guys have flown in to help us raise our $3,000 goal to help get us to Peru. We have currently raised $300!

You can help the Student Ministry and protect your yard by purchasing “Flamingo Insurance”. Any size donation would be accepted, appreciated, and will protect your home from the plague of flamingos. If you would like to purchase our Premium Insurance Plan for $25 you would be able to decide where the birds will land!

Please, find your nearest teenager and purchase insurance today before it is to late! You will be able to track the migration pattern of the flamingos by going to