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Sunday in Review

Bulletin for this Week: VISIONNEWS- 12.28.14

What an awesome Sunday! Above is the video archive of the morning message. At the 20 minute mark you will hear the Cooke Family sing beautifully “It is well with my Soul”! What an awesome family, but an even better God. We have another “special, special” on Sunday night with a new middle school girls ensemble. The internet was out during this time, but I am certain we will get a chance to hear it again soon. #hint

We could not receive or do we need any more sign that God is all that He says He is then what we find in the resurrection of Christ. We were reminded of these great truth on Sunday morning. On Sunday night we continued to learn from Balaam. We were challenged to live lives dictated by doctrine and not be driven with the wind. Ben Thomas challenged us to take responsibility for helping one another grow in the Lord. It is not the job of a select few!

This week we have the Our Generation Summit! Our mid-week service will be on Tuesday night at 7 pm. We hope to see you at both of these opportunities to learn!


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