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Parent Corner: Reconciliation

Reconciliation is more than just a truce between us and God (Romans 5:9-21).  – November 16, 2014

In Christ, we go from enemies to children of God (Romans 5:10).  Reconciliation is not just a truce, it’s the creation of a Father – son relationship.  Since we are no longer enemies, we are safe from the anger of God toward sin, but with our new family relationship we are given our lives to live as sons of God.  It is a life that is guided by the new reigning king in our lives.  His name is Jesus and He reigns over the kingdom of grace (Romans 5:21).

Many of our young people are wondering what the Christian life means for them out on their own.  Some are starting to own their own faith, or admit that they have been living on borrowed faith and need their own.  Some don’t really see how it matters.  They may know, or need to know that Jesus died to save them from Hell, but they also need to see how His life saves their lives each day.  In Christ we are handed our lives to live in faith without fear of condemnation.  There is joy even in tribulations and an abundance of grace for every sin.  That is the way to live.



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