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Parent Corner: The word “justified”

The word “justified” defines us more than any other word.  – November 9, 2014

Romans chapter 5 leads off with the peace we have with God and the access we have to God.  These are two of the chief benefits of our legal standing before God which is described in the word – justification.   Those that have placed their faith in Christ are described by the word justified more than by their nationality, profession or social standing.  Justification is possible only because of the unusual nature of God who takes those that are His enemies and too weak to even battle against Him and shows them mercy instead of judgment.  Mercy is available to those who have sinned and have no other remedy because Jesus took the judgment on Himself.  No other god, king or man has ever done this for His enemies.


Justification then, changes everything.  Those who put their faith in Christ now find an instant change in their legal standing and they are declared righteous, and no longer a sinner.  It changes everyday life also in that tribulations are no longer the pathway to failure and shame for the child of God but the chance for God to glorify Himself in their victories.  Tribulation now has purpose and benefit for the justified.  It teaches us how to wait and be patient, it gives us a chance to experience our faith and see it work and it answers a longing in our life to have relief in its hope.