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The Roman’s “positive” is the way to live.  – October 12, 2014

Romans chapters 1, 2 and the first part of 3 teach that the wicked man, the moral man and the man that ignores the truth of the Bible will all face the same tragic fate.  These chapters make a clear point that all are born in sin and no one has a good excuse to refuse the Gospel.  That is the Roman’s “negative” lesson which is designed to bring someone to a realization of the mess they are in without Christ.   More often though, our saved teenagers are dealing with an insecure and ineffective relationship with God because they may not fully grasp the Roman’s “positive.”


The positive aspect goes way beyond salvation to the point that it becomes the cornerstone of a secure and effective Christian life.  It goes like this; God declared that He would satisfy His own self in our salvation and Christian life.  In other words, I don’t have to worry about whether or not God is pleased with me.  The reason is, that He provided Himself (the propitiation) as the satisfaction for our sins and redeemed us with His own blood.   License for us to be sinful and lazy in our faith?  Stop thinking like that!  Not license but liberty to live a Christian life without fear and regret in the love and grace of our great God.