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Get to know the 41: Missionary in North Africa

From a very young age, C was exposed to missions. He grew up hearing stories from missionaries all around the world and witnessed the work of missionaries in Peru. C saw first hand their passion and desire to impact the world. Soon enough, C began to develop a desire to make his life count for the Lord, and he sought training from those missionaries who had impacted his life. C would later grow up to pastor a church in Arequipa, Peru for about 8 years before going on to be a missionary in North Africa.

C and his family have been on the mission field of North Africa for about 5 years now. He points out one particular aspect about the people he works with:

The North Africans don’t care about who you are, where you live, or even what time you happen to arrive at their house. Going to a North African home is akin to a prince going to a palace because the hospitality they offer is the best. They treat you like one of the family, and their home literally becomes yours.

Since arriving in 2007, C has helped start and pastor Light Baptist Church. He also sends out Arabic gospel literature and CDs to those who request them from all around the region. He shares this story about a difficult time he has had since arriving in North Africa:

One day, a fellow North African Christian and I came across a video made by a young man who had been with us at our church meetings in the city. I had shared the Gospel with him, and he had supposedly put his faith in Jesus Christ. However, the video this young man had made was against Christianity and the missionaries in the city. Since then, he has uploaded and continues to upload pictures of our ministry on the web and on Facebook in an effort to harm the work here.

To this day, I remember sitting down with my wife in the living room of our house and telling her that we needed to make a firm decision now. It was either we leave the country, or we stay…but without fear because little by little, the fear was getting a hold of us. After much prayer, my wife and I knew that this was the place for us, and we decided to stay for God’s glory.

Here is what C has to say to someone who wants to be a missionary and is considering the field of North Africa:

You need to be 100% sure of your calling. You need to be sure that God is the One guiding you. You also need to be willing to stay on the field for as long as God wants you in that place, regardless of circumstances, trials, or difficulties. There are missionaries out there, but not many that are willing to suffer, to give it their all, to not give up, and to not let the Devil win.



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