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Testimonies about the Bible Expo

Life is busy and crazy and you have a to-do list that is ten pages long.  And we expect you to give up time to come to a Bible Expo!  Will this conference really be worth your time?  Below are two testimonies from some men about last years Bible Expo that shows you “Yes!  It is well worth your time!”


The meeting didn’t disappoint!  Everything taught, was centered around everything needed, to have a New Testament church built upon the final authority of God’s word. Thank you for hosting the meeting!

Pastor Justin Gazaway

Bible Expo 2011 was a great challenge and encouragement to me personally in the area of expository preaching.   I was charged with preaching messages from the Bible and not messages that contain some Bible in them.  I want the text to dictate what I preach.  The Bible Expo gave practical tools for Bible study to pull the meaning from the text.  I was charged with organizing my schedule to devote serious time to daily and weekly Bible study.

– Missionary to Chile

No matter how busy your schedule is, you will want to make some time to attend this special conference.   This meeting is for everyone and you don’t want to miss it!