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Feliz cumpleaños (Happy Birthday), Pastor Ronald Tubillas!

Today, our church had the wonderful privilege to celebrate Pastor Ronald’s  40th birthday.  Pastor Ronald was saved under the ministry of the Gardners while they were serving in Peru.  His salvation completely changed his life and he soon enrolled in the Bible institute in Arequipa, Peru.  After he graduated from the Bible college, he served several years in the ministry down there, training other men for the ministry and working in the churches.  A few years ago, Pastor Ronald came to the United States to work with the vast number of Spanish speaking people that no one was working with.  He started a Spanish Church at Vision (Iglesia Bautista Vision) and Trinity Hills Baptist Church.  Both of these works have been going strong under Pastor Ronald’s leadership and a few young men have been training from these works to go into the ministry.

We were able to hear a great message from Pastor Ronald tonight about the need to turn to God.  It is the most important thing you can do.  Several people gave testimony of how Pastor Ronald has helped them grow in the Lord and of the influence he has had on so many lives.  Thank you, Pastor Ronald, for your faithful service, zeal for God, and love for the ministry.  God has blessed us greatly by giving you to our church.  May you have many more years to serve the Lord!