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Ministry Focus: The Latin Bridge

Christ is working through our church in so many ministries that it can be hard to keep track of all of them.  One ministry you might not be familiar with is the Latin Bridge.  That is a ministry that gives special  attention to work being done in Latin American and that massive fruit it would bring.  The goal of the Latin Bridge is to mobilize and equip partners for a church planting movement in Latin America during our generation.  As of now, we have eight missionaries who are serving in Latin America.  We hope to have many more soon.

Our Thursday night service kicked off the first annual Latin Bridge conference.  We were able to hear from missionary Jason Holt to Chile about the importance of church planting in this area.  For decades,   people have been pouring their lives into the work around South America.  Missionaries have sacrificed and died to proclaim the gospel to those who never heard.  Now, we are sitting on the edge of a field that has been plowed, planted, and watered.  It just needs to be reaped.  It’s crunch time.  But many churches are pulling out  Latin America at this important time.  Even the Muslims, as missionary Chris Gardner told us, are beginning to push into South America while many churches do nothing.

Randy Stirewalt was our guest preacher for this special service.  F0r 35 years, Mr. Stirewalt served in Kenya.  The Lord used him in an powerful way and he has seen 280 churches started, with an average of over 38,000 believers.  For a man that God has used so greatly, he still has a sweet humility about him and has been able to teach us so much so far.  Tonight, he spoke out of Acts 14 on the Biblical principles of evangelism that Paul used.  Instead of just giving them the gospel and then leaving them like little babies, he worked with them and built them up in the faith.  He worked with them and discipled them into maturity. We look forward to hearing from Mr. Stirewalt throughtout the weekend.

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