Missing the Summit?

Today is the start of the Our Generation Summit and we are extremely excited to see how God is going to work.  It is going to be a great time where we will be challenged to live out the King’s Command in our lives.  We will hear from veteran missionaries as they pour out their hearts about the work God is doing in their country and the vision for what they hope to see God do.  We are hoping that many of you will be able to attend.  If you are unable to come, don’t give up hope yet!!!  All of the main services and some of the smaller sessions will be streamed live for all three days of the summit.  So if you won’t be able to come to the summit, you can still be involved and allow God to work in your life.  If you want to watch the services live, just go to bcwe.org/events/live-schedule.  You can find a full schedule of when the sessions are happening at bcwe.org/events/our-generation-summit.  We hope that you enjoy watching the Summit live!

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