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Peru Update August 2011

Dear Brethren

I thank God for the ability to present myself to you. It is a pleasure to be able to count on you and on your prayers. I ask that God would continue to use you and to pour out His blessings on you.

Macedonia Baptist Seminary

We finished the semester the second week of July. Many of the students returned to their local churches for this vacation time. We begin our second semester on the 9th of August. If God allows, there will be new students with us for the northern part of the country.

From the 26th to the 29th of July, we held our XIII Teen Congress at the Seminary. We had the great priviledge to be able to have as our guest speaker Pastor Joe McKaig of Catersville, GA. The last night we had more than 520 people and, on Friday the 29th, more than 280 in the morning who came to different classes that various pastors and leaders gave.

Christian School

Each month of July, with national holidays, the school organizes patriotic week. The event came to an end on Friday the 22nd with a presentation from part of the students. The parents enjoyed seeing how their children learned more about our country. We then began vacations. We will resume our academic labors on Monday the 8th of August.

Esmirna Baptist Church

We continue with the institute in our church, with courses on Old Testament Survey and Biblical Counseling. The first class was given by Mauro Huaman each Wednesday with nine students, brethren from our church. One Saturday each month, with 12 students we teach the Counseling course. In August, we will have our class on Saturday the 27th.

Berea Baptist Church

This month we had various visitors, as well as the teen meetings led by Brother Luis Ramirez. This church continues to grow. We now have twelve people. Brother Luis is sharing videos with the young people about Creationism, and they are very enthusiastic to know more about this wonderful topic.

Hunter Baptist Church

We are preparing to offer free English classes on Fridays and Saturdays to young people and teenagers beginning the first week of August. I thank Sister Charo Meneses for her help. As you will remember, Sundays we have a Sunday school class in English with missionary Alan George. God has blessed His faithful co laborers.

Visit to Santiago, Chile

From Tuesday the 12th through Monday the 25th, I travelled to Santiago, Chile to teach a class in the Seminary of the Faith Baptist Church, Maipu and also to preach in the Teen Congress that this church organizes each year. It was a place to see young people from different churches (Omega, Born Again, Hope and Friendship) who have made many decisions. I was able to travel with my oldest daughter, Andrea. I would like to thank Cristian Alarcon and Jason Kenney for their hospitality.

In addition to the events mentioned, I would like to ask your prayers for:

-Our pastor’s fellowship which will be at Victory Baptist Church on Tuesday, August 2nd.
-The classes in the institute for the churches in Arequipa at the Omega Baptist Church beginning Monday, August 8th.
-For the united choir practices, preparing for the XIII Pastor’s School which will be held October 11 to the 14th.
-For the pastor’s wife fellowship on Friday the 26th.

We always remember you with much appreciation and gratitude. God bless.

Miguel Murillo