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From a cabin in north Georgia…

Dear Praying Friends,

I am writing this letter from a cabin in north GA, where we have spent the past week in Vision Baptist Missions orientation. It has been a great time of fellowship, but even more it has been a great time of instruction.

I am so excited to be on the way to Barcelona, but if we stop growing and learning how to be the man and woman God made us to be, we sure won’t be the effective missionaries He wants us to be. Don’t ever “arrive”, don’t ever stop learning!

We were in 12 churches in 4 states in April, and we are now at 28% of our needed support, with many other churches promising future support!

Prayer Requests:

1. Men that will turn the world upside down! God is answering prayers for more discipling opportunities, but I am begging God for more men to influence to reach the world with the Gospel. I know my ministry doesn’t start next September, but now.

2. Language studies. We are trying to learn as much Spanish as we can on deputation. I speak Portuguese already which is a similar language, so Spanish is coming pretty naturally to me. Pray that I will be as diligent as I should be and not settle for a level that is easy, and Melissa has further to go so pray that she will pick it up quickly.


OG Camp: May 30-June 3, we will be participating in one of the most exciting ministries of Vision Baptist Church: The Our Generation Camp is designed for middle school and high school students (7th – 12th grade). We will also have the 8th Annual Our Generation Student Leadership Camp going on at the same time and on the same campus. This is an unique opportunity to for college age students to meet with others with a like faith and passion for missions while being instructed by veteran missionaries.

I can’t urge pastors, youth pastors, and families enough to make this a priority for your young people. What a great opportunity to help them have God’s heart and passion for the world! Let some other kids learn how to play trumpet and basketball this summer: teach them to reach the world with the Gospel!

Thank you again for all your prayers, friendship, and support!

Yours for His Harvest,
Scott, Melissa, and Elena Newton