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New Church To Be Started in Ouagadougou!

This has to be one of the most exciting times for a missionary.  The kickoff of a new work.  We have been blessed to start four other works in Burkina Faso, and this will be the fifth Gospel preaching church.

Pastor Zacharie and his family served with us for about three years at Water of Life Baptist Church.  He expressed an interest a few years back about going to start a new work.  Probably about 4 years ago, I began asking for a piece of land on the north side of the capital Ouagadougou.  It was granted to us, and we have paid the taxes.  We started building a few months back in preparation for the kick off of this work.  We were able to use many of the offerings that we have received over the last few months on furlough for the construction.

I am asking you to be in much prayer for the 25th, 26th and the 27th of this month.  Many of the members of our other churches will  go over on the 25th to help evangelize the area during the day.   Then at night, they will have a special service to kick off the church.  They will repeat the same thing on the 26th.  Then on the 27th they will have Sunday morning services.  What an exciting time.  Please pray, and I will try to give you an update on what God is doing those days.

Here are some pictures of the construction:

Below is a picture of the pastor’s house.


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  1. huynh ngoc tien Avatar
    huynh ngoc tien

    Kindly tell me if there is any reverend in CHURCH OF BAPTIST OUAGADOUGOU named LARRY ZONGO. Thank you so much.

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