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Philip Bassham’s December 2010 Prayer Letter

Deputation update

We have been on deputation 3.5 months as of today, and already the Lord has provided about 19% of our needed monthly support.  So far, we are right on track to meet our goal of leaving by September of 2012.

This past month, we had 4 meetings in North Carolina, 11 here in Georgia, 1 in South Carolina, 1 in Florida, and 1 in Tennessee and are up to over 13,600 miles driven so far on deputation.  Our car is still doing surprisingly well, and the Lord is providing for our needs and making our paths straight.

After the first of the year, our calendar is almost completely full until the summer months. We are very excited about that, but we do have a few open dates around Christmas.  I don’t know why that would be! The way I see it, the whole Christmas story is the greatest missionary story ever told!


At the end of this month, we will be a part of the Our Generation Summit, which is a family-focused missions retreat.  We will be one of 10 missionary families that will be representing areas from all over the world that need the gospel. There will be sessions for the whole family, and then break out sessions for specific focus areas on what you are interested in. Find out more at

Survey Trip News

Over the last months, we have made a lot of progress on our trip to Thailand. I want to thank Trent Cornwell for doing so much with the travel arrangements. We have our visas in hand, our tickets purchased, and I had to spend more than I wanted on renewing my passport, but everything is coming together well.

The trip will be a 10 day whirlwind. Our itinerary is not totally finalized, but tentatively, we will fly from Atlanta to New Dehli, India, and then go over to Varanasi for a couple of days and visit the birthplace of Buddhism, Hinduism, and Taoism. Then we will hurry over to Bangkok, Thailand, meet up with some missionaries that we know, visit a few of the sites, like the main temple in Bangkok, and then take a short plane ride up to Chaing Mai to meet with some other missionaries there. Pray that these logistics will work out well, and we will be able to see what the Lord would have for us while we are there.

Philip and Lori Bassham