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Scott Newton December 2010 Prayer Letter

Dear Praying Friends,

Merry Christmas! I really do love this time of year. There is much that bothers me about it, with the commercialization, the selfishness, and most of all the fact that people try to impose artificial joy into their lives because they feel like they are supposed to.

But I love Christmas, because I DON’T have to conjure up any false joy and cheer, I can truly rejoice in the greatest missions season we have, because of one amazing word: Immanuel! How can you not be filled with true joy thinking about “God with us”? It fuels my joy, and it fuels my purpose: God has called me to take those Good News to Spain, that they can know the real missionary, Jesus Christ!

Here are some news with the Newton family:

Deputation Trail:

After nearly 13,000 miles in 4 months (car still doing great, praise God!), we are at 19% of our needed support level! I just keep being blown away by how God has prepared this path ahead of us like every other one in our lives. In the month of December we have presented our ministry in TN, MS, GA, and TX, and God has added 4 new financial supporters.

We have really gotten to meet some amazing Christians this month, I love how the Lord both lets us be an encouragement to people, and allows them to encourage us in return. Please keep praying for God’s power as I present our ministry and preach the Word, I am really begging Him to see laborers raised up for His Harvest.

OG Summit:

One of the real highlights of our year is coming up December 30- January 1.

The Our Generation Summit is an annual gathering in Pigeon Forge, TN, of Christians with a heart for world missions. Pastors and missionaries, teachers and students, businessmen and families join for three days to address their roles in reaching a world that desperately needs the Gospel.

We will be one of 10 missionary families teaching at the Summit. There will be services held each night, and specific missions classes being taught during the day. Check out for more details, if you can’t make it this year, plan to come with your church, youth group, or family next year, I guarantee it will be among the 3 best days you’ve spent in your life.

Yours for His Harvest,

Scott, Melissa, and Elena Newton, Vision Baptist Missions