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Move Update!

This goofy video was made to help you see how close the new building is to our current building! We are so thankful to have found a building near Hwy 400 and on exit 12.


Monday, December 14th looks like the date for the move. This will be an exciting time for Vision Baptist Church, but there will also be a little work involved. So mark it on your calendars and plan to take part in the move to the new building.


The current lease on the property will be ending this year, and building that we have has been a great blessing from God. However, the cost on this facility has been significant, and the Lord is now opening up an opportunity that will be greatly to the advantage of Vision Baptist. The lease cost will be approximately half of what we are paying now for basically the same amount of usable space. Needless to say we will need some of these savings to help us with build out. Praise the Lord that He is able to help with the savings on the lease!


The plan is that we will be able to work together with the process of moving. There will be more to this move then just loading up all the goods and unloading in the new building. Here is a short list of things that will need to be done.

+ Stage disassembled and reassembled in the new building.
+ Sound system installed .
+ Painting in the current building.
+ Computer network installation.
+ Painting in the new building.
+ Loading and unloading of all furniture.
+ Installation of stage lighting in the new building.
+ Construction of a large wall in the new facility.

Pray about how you can be apart of the process!


The church will be moving to 1125 Alpha Drive, Alpharetta, GA 30004. This is just off of Macfarland near JAZ.


Vision Baptist Church will be moving to a new location. Often when churches move it is met with mixed emotions. Some like change and anything new is exciting. Others prefer not to change unless for a very good reason. Whatever type of person you are the prayer is that everyone will be able to see the Lord working in Vision Baptist Church through the move. Let me suggest a few things for you to consider. First, be prayerful. As you can see there is several expensive things that need to be done as we move, and we need the Lord to continue to work. Second, consider how the Lord might be able to use you in the process. Many have talents that He can use to get the job done. Then lastly, keep an attitude of service and encouragement. We will all need to be flexible and willing to do what is need to move and to see the Lord work in our community. May the Lord work in each of our lives and in Vision Baptist Church. God bless you for your efforts!


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