Sundays at 10:30 AM
355 Windy Hill Dr Alpharetta, GA 30004

Awesome Opportunity

Sunday afternoon we will be taking approximately 20 students and kids to camp. I can not wait. God has radically formed my life from the preaching I heard at summer camp. There is just something about living all the craziness of life and going out to a place that is quite. The extended exposure to God’s Word can have a tremendous impact when we are able to listen.

We have some students coming who are new to our church! I believe this is going to be a very important three days for these students. There are many challenges they will face when school starts. This should propel them into the school year on the right foot.

I currently have 5 teenagers (7th – 12 grade) and 2 kids (3rd – 6th grade) who would love to go to camp. They want to go to camp. Their parents want them to go. I want them to go. I truly believe God wants them to go! This is where your awesome opportunity comes in. If you will decide with us that investing in these kids is important and decide you want them to go we can get them to camp this summer.

Would you please consider sponsoring one of these students. Your contribution will be shared among the students who need help going. None of them are asking for a hand out, however they could use a hand up. If you would be able and willing to help please call the church office today at 770.456.5881.