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Camp BreakOUT Video

Camp BreakOUT 2008
July 27th – 30th at Hard Labor State Park

Registration Deadline this Sunday, July 20th

As Chad Gordan, youth pastor at Victory Baptist Church in Loganville, GA and I have been saying, “there may have never been and there may never again be a camp like this one!”

We are excited about our students learning lessons on how to “BreakOUT”. We have the firm belief that many teenagers and adults are kept back from enjoying the life available to us as the kids of the King! We fully intend on showing them how to escape this week from the self committed prison.

We have two camps running separately but at the same park. One camp is for our 7th – 12th grade students and Chris Fies and I will be helping run this part. Then David Lundy and Robert Canfield will be helping run the 3rd – 6th grade camp. We are really excited about partnering with the team at Victory Baptist Church. I am confident that life long friendships will be forged between the campers and volunteers from both churches.

We have a few teens and many children that could really use a “hand up” to get the camp. We are not asking for anyone to pay the kids entire way but their are some families that could use some help paying for their kids. Please, let the church office know if you could help.