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Thank you … so much!

I feel a little bit like Thatcher and am unable to express my words. We are so thankful to have such a great church family. Neither Stephanie or I am are from Atlanta, but because of our great church family and friends we had over 50 visitors to come see little Thatcher. In the words of our nurses, “we are loved”.

We are blessed to have friends around the world. We were contacted by email by the “White House” (the White family missionaries in Bolivia), we had a video conversation with the Taube’s in China, I even spoke to Governor Sunny Perdue (which turned out to be our very own Steve Wallace with a horribly fake Georgian accent). Then, as you see in the picture below, one of my closest friends and mentor came to pray with us. I am so glad to have a pastor who loves his people so much. I am even more glad to have a pastor who loves the Word of God. If you love people, but do not study the Word you will be frustrated with your inablility to see lives changed. However, when you love the Bible and people you are in a great placed to be used by God.

We are so excited about raising our children around people like you. It is one the greatest joys in life to raise a child to honor God. He was created by God and for His glory. It is so exciting to have a “little glory maker” in our lives.

I looks like we will be here till about 5 pm tonight. Then we will get Thatcher and mommy home back to good ol’ Forsyth County. It is odd to me how much Cumming feels like home in such a short time. We moved here just over 2 years ago to get ready for the start of Vision Baptist Church. God has sent us wonderful friends in you guys. Thatcher will be at church a.s.a.p. to see you guys and to get under the preaching of the Word of God from our great pastor.


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    What a great day it is…. A little Trent! Congratulations Trent and Stephanie….. Glad to hear everyone is doing good. You guys are going to be wonderful parents, how I wish all kids could be brought up with parents like ya’ll.


  2. I believe you are right Dr Gordon and look forward to seeing how this young man will be used of God

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