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Get to know the 41: Antioch Printing Ministry


We’re continuing to feature one of the 41 missionaries and ministries Vision supports, and this week, we’ll be getting to know the Antioch Printing Ministry.

In 1980, the Antioch Printing Ministry was started with a tabletop press and a hand paper cutter. In its early days, many volunteered to fold the tracts as they were being passed out. The Lord continued to bless and grow the printing ministry, and in 1997, a group of students took up enough money to buy a press that could print 10,000 tracts in one hour. Just three years later, the Antioch Printing Ministry was again blessed with 2 more presses. Today, they have 5 presses and a warehouse that holds all their material until it gets shipped.

The Antioch Printing Ministry prints between 9-12 million pieces of literature each year and has printed over 200 million pieces of literature since its inception. They have been able to print in English, Spanish, Bulgarian, Sesotho, French, and Tagalog. The Lord has also allowed them to send material to such countries as America, Mexico, Guatemala, Chad, South Africa, the Philippines, Bulgaria, Honduras, and Peru. God is using faithful people who volunteer and devote their time to see the Word of God “Reach the WORLD with the PRINTED WORD”.


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